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However it would take a very large amount of bee stings to cause someone to become ill.Also a yellow jacket can sting a person multiple times, but a bee can only sting once.Follow us as we try our best to make small changes to the mental health landscape in Singapore 😊 In addition, some of us went down to support a fellow Ambassador, Nadera, who gave a talk at an event titled “Depression: Light after Darkness” held by Mood Disorders Unit by the Institute of Mental Health!

Adult chat hehe-73

By Jennifer Rea The September sun is making for a warm evening, and your family has just sat down to a delicious meal on your back porch. That first yellow jacket makes its appearance zipping around the table. Soon your family is charging inside, plates in hand, to avoid the swarm of hungry yellow jackets set on interrupting your backyard barbecue.

Suddenly another one joins the first on its journey from side dish to side dish. This has been an unusually popular season for yellow jackets.

Over the past few years, I have written about security and safety for the family, especially when it comes to protecting your kids from online predators and social bullies.

My wife and I really try to practice what we preach.

This is especially since this year’s World Health Day’s theme is Depression: Let’s Talk.

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