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They comprise the family Aleyrodidae, the only member of the superfamily Aleyrodoidea. The adult whitefly resembles a very small moth with a yellow body and white wings with a faint grey band in the middle of the wings.

Immature stages (eggs and nymphs) can be found primarily on the underside of the leaves.

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Whiteflies can seriously injure host plants by sucking juices from them causing wilting, yellowing, stunting, leaf drop, or even death.

According to Wikipedia, “Whiteflies are small hemipterans that typically feed on the undersides of plant leaves.

Most of what they say applies equally to adults raised in any low-nurturance homes and schools where chemicals weren't misused. , by John Bradshaw; Health Communications, Inc., Deerfield Beach, FL; 1996.

In these books, the term "Adult Child" (of family dysfunction) means the same as Grown Wounded Child in this site. Update of a classic, impassioned description of childhood deprivations and consequences, by a recovering minister, father, seasoned therapist, and educator., by Elizabeth Lesser, Villard Books, division of Random House, New York, NY; 2004.

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