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T2S presents entire new models of text and phone follow-up, compatible with many existing models of seduction, to help you improve what transpires between the time you get a new girl’s number and the next time you see her, whether it’s for a Day 2 The cornerstone of Text to Sex is that it actually presents a methodology that allows guys to SKIP the first date, by turning a girl on so much over text and on the phone that she will want to see you right away.

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Part 2: The Phone – This section addresses many aspects of phone game, from the basics down to minute details, like how to make your voice sound clearer and more dominant.

You’re given a framework for leaving voicemails, and a foolproof calling schedule that reveals the secret calculation of days to wait before you make the “dreaded first phone call” to a girl.

We were talking before the show started and you’d mentioned that Los Angeles is kind of a Mecca of pick up. It’s also the origin of Project Hollywood from the game, Levi Strauss. Eddy: You mentioned a little bit about your background to that Project Hollywood. [] In fact, I had dated this tall, blonde, blue-eyed girl.

You’ve come straight up from Los Angeles to get with us today. It’s a tier-one city with beautiful women everywhere and the weather’s great. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get a date to like me–even though in college I was the “big man on campus”.

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