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When he turns 18 next year, is it gonna be illegal for us to date ?I can go on and on about the spark & tomance bcuz its happens everyday im with him. But legally I'm not sure, so check your state's legal dating age.

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And your family and everyone else would think if you ever did anything. But still by the time you turn 18 a lot of eyes are gonna be on you .

But if you really like her...how she would react to it but i guess you can telll her you like her.

Sleep-deprivation can be a serious problem—especially for teens who are driving.

Make sure your teen is aware that without enough sleep, she is more likely to get into an accident and she'll be less likely to excel in school.

There will always be people that will frown upon you for dating someone a bit older, but it's your choice not theirs, and their opinion really shouldn't bother you.

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